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CakenDad_17Caken’Dad is a Podcast series created by daddy and daughter duo Casey (‘Cake’ dubbed by her older brother) and her Dad, Scott McDonald. It originated with the idea that their long introspective Skype conversations be captured for the entertainment and education of other Gen-Ys who suffer from similar quarter-life quandaries. Starting with a YouTube series entitled, “AskMyDad”, the pair soon discovered that they were not nearly as interesting to watch as they were to listen to thus Podcasting became their favored medium. Now their discussions on dating, relationships, and all the other life-changing topics you wish you could have with YOUR parents or kids are available to download to listen to at your leisure.  You’re welcome.

About Dad CakenDad_40

Scott “Dad” McDonald is in his late 50s.  He started his serious study of dating when he was an editor at his university’s study paper.  He has since gone on in a career in Communications where he started his own demographics and marketing firm for professional practices.  Along the way, he has gotten married, divorced, and married again and fathered four beautiful and healthy children and one very weird girl. His oldest child is in his mid-30s and his youngest is 16.  It isn’t so much that Scott (or “Chocolate Cake” to his fans) has never made mistakes in dating.  In fact, some of his best stories are from his worst disasters.  As he taught his daughter Casey, “There is no such thing as a bad date; Just material for another stand-up comedy routine.”


CakenDad_42About Casey

Casey “Cake” McDonald is in her late 20s and yes, she is single.  Currently a graduate student, she has experienced a wide variety of dating experiences in high school, college, and after graduating and moving into the working adult world of Los Angeles.  She is an artist, designer, model, voice actress, software instructor, social media guru, and Girl-Friday.  Casey is all about helping others find and communicate their passions.  She started her career as a Master of Ceremonies at age 5 and went on to become a competitive speaker and presenter. Her personal rants are called “Lemon Cake” because her wit is simultaneously sweet and stingingly tart.  This girl is funny enough to make you spit milk up your nose whenever she opens her mouth.  That is why Chocolate Cake NEVER drinks milk in her presence.

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